San Francisco Treasure Hunts that provide urban sleuthing adventures

What treasure hunters saying about our urban sleuthing adventures

"This event was a ton of fun, and really brought our team together. I appreciate all of the work you and your team put in to facilitating the day for us."

Benjamin Wible

"We had a great time with the hunt yesterday. The clues were crafty and really made everyone think outside the box and work together. Thank you so much!"

Nancy Payne
Crosslink Capital

"The hunt was great! We had a lot of fun. It worked just as well for the participants from across the country as it did for the natives. A great team-building event!"

Eric Schmautz
Wells Fargo

"Wonderful team event! We all had a great time! It’s rare when you have folks still talking about the experience after the weekend!
San Francisco Treasure Hunts was well organized from start to finish. Even the native San Franciscans in our group discovered that there was so much to still learn and explore in their hometown. It was challenging and fun to use puzzles to figure out answers to a clues versus a traditional treasure hunt were you are given the clue and expected to find the answer. This experience definitely brought our team closer and was a great way to see our team members’ strengths outside of the work environment.
Excellent balance of mental and physical engagement. Great for a range of age levels and personality types.
The historic factoids that Nancy shared at the end when we discussed answers were highly interesting and something that people wanted to learn more about. Not only were they fascinating, but they also provided a meaningful context around the location and players’ experiences.

Ann Wang Reed

"Thanks for such a wonderful event. Again, my team loved it!"

Kristin Onorato

"We had a great time seeing parts of the city we would never have seen without the hunt."

Scott Goldy
Teva Pharmaceuticals

"The clues give a great history lesson while at the same time learning about your team members."

Jeff Adams
Levi Strauss

"My company did a custom treasure hunt in the SOMA/ Union Square area as part of a team offsite meeting. It was a hilarious and fun event that allowed us to collaborate as a team and learn a bit more about our fellow employees. We would definitely use SF treasure hunts again for another event."

Erin Davidson
Peanut Labs

"A perfect activity for companies that are looking for an outdoor activity which appeals to a broad array of people. It’s a great workout for both the brain and body and is a great way to get a historical tour of San Francisco."

Gavin Bridgeman
Techsoft 3D

"Our experience with San Francisco Treasure Hunts was phenomenal. The staff was responsive and kind. The event was just enough of a mental and physical challenge to bring our team together. I would highly recommend San Francisco Treasure Hunts to any manager looking to bring his or her team together over an afternoon of puzzles and fun."

Mark Provost

"Throughout my career, I have been involved in many team-building activities at many companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and British Petroleum. Without question, the San Francisco Treasure Hunt was the best team-building activity I have ever participated in. First of all, it accomplished the goals of a good team-building activity. Everyone on the team participated. We all had unique experiences and bits of knowledge that contributed to solving the puzzles. We could not have finished the activity without everyone on the team. Also, it got everyone working together to accomplish the goal - no one was "in charge", it was definitely a team effort. Besides this, the activity was fun! Everyone had a great time. It was great exercise, and even the people who lived in San Francisco said they got to see parts of the city they had never seen before. I can highly recommend the San Francisco Treasure Hunt for any company's team building event."

Jamie Doll
App Dynamics

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Our treasure hunts are custom made to fit every team’s size, schedule, and objective. Familiarity with San Francisco’s streets and history are not necessary. Instead, participants will be challenged to work as a team to solve puzzles, read maps, and research trivia on popular culture, current events, literature, and history to succeed.