About SFTH

Our treasure hunts have puzzled and delighted more than 40,000 participants. Our treasure hunts and our award-winning Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt emphasize team-building, collaborative problem-solving, and creative thinking, and showcase the unique history and secret treasure spots of San Francisco and the Bay Area. We are the city’s original urban treasure hunt company. Book your hunt today and give your group the “AH HA!” moments that come from putting together clues and solving puzzles!

For 20+ years, SF Treasure Hunts has been the go-to place for HR teams looking to book exciting, team-building events for their employees. From Wells Fargo, to Salesforce to Oracle. SF Treasure Hunts will challenge your teams with clever puzzles that engage their problem-solving skills while requiring teamwork and collaboration.


Jayson Wechter

The founder of San Francisco Treasure Hunts, Jayson worked as a Human Resources Analyst and was a private investigator for many years. He relies on his sleuthing expertise and life-long passion for history to lead teams of all sizes and skill levels on exciting journeys that pair the thrill of investigative work with the discovery of San Francisco’s historical and cultural landmarks.