San Francisco Treasure Hunts

Test & stretch your staff’s brains with Custom Hunts for Businesses

Get your Team Together

Pick 4-6 teammates and compete against friends or colleagues as you match wits and race against time in a unique sleuthing adventure.

Give your Minds a Workout

We have created fun and challenging puzzles for over 30,000 people in the more than 25 years of organizing Hunts. We can create clues at any level of difficulty.

See a hidden San Francisco

We make it our business to explore every alley, nook and cranny in Baghdad By The Bay, both on foot and in the history books. You’ll find yourself staring at familiar spots with a new appreciation - or places you never knew existed

Compete for Bragging Rights

Our events are like The Amazing Race only more cerebral. The first teams to solve the clues and visit the unique locations that they lead to win the hunt and receive prizes and bragging rights

Team-Building for Business HR

Try a Sample Clue

Take the word for a sneak attack from a concealed spot and subtract a backwards mother to get this street’s name.
Just east of a building numbered with three 3s, you’ll see the smallest bookshop in the city.

Makes you feel like Karl Malden running through Chinatown...

Treasure Hunter Andrew Lewis, Snowflakes Edge

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